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Take your event stream live on Paytm Insider, create new engagements on the fly and chat away with your audience.
All from one thoughtfully built interface to create, ticket and host your next digital event.

Welcome to the home of great online events

Host engaging virtual experiences using our simple and powerful online event platform. Reach millions of users and build your community.


Go live. Go crazy with brand new show formats.

Beat webinar fatigue with our unique, engaging approach to digital events. Make your audience a part of the show with fun engagements.
Trust us, online shows will never be the same again.
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Live Leaderboard
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Streaming Chat

Increase in watch time

Because viewers are participating in the show, they feel a lot more engaged and watch your content for a lot more.

Likely to finish workshops

When the audience has a fun, safe space to learn, they are much more likely to finish a long workshop.

360/VR Ready

Unlock incredible new experiences for your audience with support for live 360 & VR streaming.
High quality, immersive video experience
Supports both mobile & desktop
10 MN+
17 MN+
100 K+
secure video streaming

Safe & Sound

Your work is precious. That's why we treat it with the utmost care.
With superior security deployed to ensure your video remains secure, you can worry less about the safety of your video and focus on your next big idea.
Domain locked viewing experience
Secure video transfer
Protected asset management

#showtime, your way

Craft your shows the way your audience wants it, only with our powerful show formats.

Realtime Live

Have a finger on the pulse of the audience with our Realtime Live with reactions, engagements & chat.

Pre Recorded Show

Got a beautifully crafted video that you have made but don't want to put it out there for free? Pre recorded shows are built for you.

Robust Event Publishing

Everything you need to publish & grow your event, all in one convenient place.


List and manage digital experiences through a single dashboard.

Rich Event Pages

Use music, images, and more to display your event


Talk to your ticket buyers, send them instructions or collect feedback, via WhatsApp & Email.


Real-time tracking for your event's sales, daily ticketing trends, traffic attribution and more


Your events get auto-listed and you benefit from the 10 million+ Paytm Insider users


Boost  audience reach with add-on marketing services and featured listing solutions

Featured Genres

Powerful Show Control

Live Leaderboard

Score your audience on questions and have fun with a scoreboard that updates in real time. It's a lot more engaging this way.

Control Show Flow

Once you've got everything set-up, you can choose to do a test run or go live. In exactly one click.

Realtime Chat

Join the chat & keep a close eye on what your audience is talking about.
Keep bad language out with our
automated profanity moderation.

Featured Genres


Our 360-degree support system helps you transform your events online with ease.

Knowledge Base

Insights and best practices for making your online events successful, curated by industry experts.

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Interact with 500+ online event organisers on our community and get technical guidance for your events.

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Sahil Shah

“This is the best way to perform without leaving the house and for people to laugh without leaving their house. It’s funny how the platform is now literally what we are doing. Insider is making sure I’m staying Insider.”


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How do I start listing my events?


Simply register on our Self Publish tool, fill in the registration form and you're good to go!

What are digital events?


Digital events on Paytm Insider help you take your event ideas and content online and turn them into exclusive ticketed experiences. With social distancing becoming the norm for the foreseeable future, mass engagements such as music gigs, comedy events, workshops, live concerts, conferences etc. are shifting online. Our digital events solution is designed to make this transition hassle-free for you. We currently list  virtual events including live comedy, virtual live concerts, fitness courses, online workshops, online gaming events and more. Virtual events have certain long term advantages as well - they are far more accessible, affordable and environment friendly compared to on-ground events.

How do I host my event?


Go live with your favourite broadcasting tool of your choice. OBS is recommended but we play perfectly well with any tool that supports streaming to a rtmp URL.

Can I promote my events?


Yes, we offer marketing and promotions for your virtual events on Paytm Insider and on social media for a premium. Get in touch for further information.

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